About Us

The Reliable Tool Company was started in 1996 by a former aircraft manufacturing engineer who designed these rugged and reliable tools to be the most powerful in their weight class. Continually having to install solid fasteners by what he saw as older and heavier tools that were designed over 50 years prior and inefficient, he designed tools with much greater power-to-weight ratio, lighter and more ergonomically designed with the operator in mind, and a more robust and open jaw design allowing more closed height than any other alligator jaw compression riveter or rivet squeezer currently offered.

After initial success and testing at Boeing, exceeding 300,000 cycles under load without failure, more jaws and c-yokes were designed to fit four different size power units. With alligator jaw modular head assemblies that can be changed within power unit classes in a few minutes without changing wedges, functionality and versatility have finally been applied to compression riveting!